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Our business experts answer your questions and support your venture.

What is the best structure for your business? What marketing channel gives you the greatest returns? Which phone service should you use? Do you need phone service at all? How do you find good employees? Why should you use social media? How do you get people to visit your website? 

These are all questions that new and experienced entrepreneurs ask every day, and we know how hard it is to get an answer when you're also working a full-time job or going to school. 

From vetting your business idea to writing a business plan and managing cash flow, nothing about running a business is easy. Getting your business off the ground takes knowledge, skills and a full network of professional support. That's where we come in. With a full staff of MBAs and MBA students, we're here to give you the professional advice you need to keep your venture on track for success. 

Our service is tailored to entrepreneurs who want to start a business while also working a job or going to school. That's why we set our hours to match yours--when other consulting services are closing down for the day, we're just getting started! We provide standard consulting services from 6:00 PM to midnight (and later) without after-hours surcharges.

With After-Hours Executive consulting services, you have all the knowledge and confidence of a fully qualified MBA. You don't, though, have the high salary or administrative overhead of keeping a full-time MBA around the office. We make professional, reliable business advice affordable. 

Whether you have a one-time question or need guidance in starting or running your business, getting answers to your business questions is as easy as visiting our website. To help you get started, and stay on budget, we offer three types of support services:

  • Administrative Assistance

    Whether you need someone to keep your books, handle your email or put together your reports, we can provide on-demand assistance for just $10 an hour.
  • Business Consulting

    Our consulting services are designed specifically for entrepreneurs who want to start an online business or who want to start a business while also working a "day job." MBA-level advice gets you up and running in no time.
  • Social Media Management

    Social media is the hottest thing in online business right now, and we make sure you do it right. For a flat monthly fee, let us keep your social profile fresh and your customers happy.




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